The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer. A few words dripping with the Teacher’s anointing. The staple diet for Christians everywhere. A simple outline or a standalone prayer, it is one that has helped me in my prayer life for many years. But these Words of our Lord emerged in a special way during our visit to Salisbury Cathedral recently. A wonderfully ornate building, full of chapels, supine stone saints, several modern pieces of art, plaques everywhere, remembering the good and the great. But then towards the end of our visit, one of the indigenous clergy mounted the steps leading to the pulpit and proceeded to invite all present to join him in prayer. To stand there listening as his words resonated throughout the building brought home the reality that such places, sadly so often dusty mausoleums, are still capable of proclaiming our faith. And then he finished by inviting all to join him in the Lord’s Prayer. This to me was a “God moment”. Something special. Something significant. Something reminding the enemy and people everywhere that Jesus’ teaching is still as relevant today as it was nearly 2000 years ago. And where better to make that proclamation than in God’s house.

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