Psalm 62:5 For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.

I was meandering down the A907 near where I live the other day, walking our pet Westie. The road is much used by local traffic, and trucks moving building materials and waste from the local pit bing; a road always busy, always noisy. A ready-mix cemenmixer-truck-hi.pngt lorry had just passed and disappeared, grinding its way into the distance. And then there was silence. No traffic noise at all. Just the off-beat cooing of a wood pigeon and further off, a male blackbird letting the girls know he’s there. Silence. And I was reminded of today’s Scripture. Sometimes I have to get somewhere quiet to hear God’s voice, which can be drowned out for most of the time by the raucous bombardment of music, conversations, TV news (usually bad!), and anything else the devil can throw at me to avoid my hearing a whisper from above, reassuring me that I am loved, blessed, precious, and safe in His arms. It’s pointless to ask if I need to hear God – I always need to hear Him! But join me in regularly finding somewhere quiet to really hear Him; to get the soul-food we need… Uh-oh, here comes another truck!

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