Psalm 45:1 

My heart is stirred by a noble themeas I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skilful writer.

The art of writing has been with us for many years, since man first discovered that he could communicate using symbols, using media readily available to him. But millennia later, in the twenty-first century, we are bombarded by information from many sources and in many media forms. The problem is how we discern what is relevant and what is not. So this blog offers short life cameos, gained in my journey from the “womb to the tomb”. I pray that my “noble themes” will be relevant to my brothers and sisters, engaged on the same journey. Please feel free to include a reply, a comment, so that a theme can be richly developed for the benefit of us all.

And if your journey is different to mine, please let me know. You might have some life experience I need to hear.