A Heart

Maundy Thursday morning 2019. The day is dry but overcast, with lighter patches in the clouds towards the East and South. A slight mistiness hangs in the air, reducing the distant Saline Hill to a dim and indistinct outline. A cold but light breeze from the East comes and goes, lazily stirring the air, producing gusts and eddies of no real consequence. Archie, our pet Westie, is doing his usual nasal inspection of the blades of grass, tracking down another nice odour. I notice a patch of sun in the distance, illuminating the road, reflecting off parked cars, and I look up to find its source. The clouds are moving across the sky quite quickly, and they briefly part to form a bright patch, with a watery sun doing its best to break through. But it is the shape of the patch that catches my attention – I continue to look as the form of a heart develops before dissolving and disappearing, blown by the wind.

That heart shape reminded me again of what God did through His Son Jesus all those years ago. He loved the world so much that He sent His Son to die for us, taking on an undeserved punishment, and the sins of the world, past, present and future, that for all who believe in Him, we might gain life, eternally in His presence. God’s heart is that none will be lost to a dark and godless eternity. May all reading this blog this morning experience God’s love in a new way this Easter. Look up and find a heart. And find a loving Saviour.

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