The ‘Fall’

I was walking by some tall, broad-leafed trees. Sycamore, I think. The morning was crisp. Blue sky. Cold but still. Archie was rooting around under the fallen leaves, sampling the odours so interesting to our canine friends. But more leaves were falling, loosened by the overnight frost. They fell, silently, gently, like large multi-hued snowflakes. A variety of colours, from bright greens through yellows and golds, to browns and blacks. There was a sense of sadness, looking at these marvels of nature, each one unique, as they drifted to earth, work done. Making way for a Winter to come, and a Spring to follow. But in their death they were exhibiting an explosion of different, vibrant, colours, as a final demonstration, a final shout of praise to their Creator. But isn’t it wonderful that very soon, out of dead looking twigs and branches, buds will start to grow, swelling with new life, getting ready to explode into a green expression of praise to our wonderful God once again. One season moves into the next as God ordains.

A new pastor is being inducted into our church soon. He’s leading us into a new season. Not to say the old one was bad, far from it! But, like the falling leaves, it had fulfilled and completed its God-ordained purpose. A new season brings new growth, new life. New “leaves” that will not wither until their purpose is completed. Let us be like the Revelation 22 trees, drinking from the river of life that flows from the very throne of God. Producing fruit every month and leaves that heal the nations as we touch those around us with the love of Jesus. Not for me a life winding down to death and decay!

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