Thank You

Psalm 23:1. The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I need.

I started my prayers this morning with a “Thank You”. I have increasingly come to appreciate in recent years that so much I take for granted is in fact due to the incredible and constant provision that God makes for me. Simple things, like in spite of the efforts of evil men, good prevails in the end. That I have air to breathe. Food to eat. Water to drink. A loyal and loving family. My health (apart from a few minor ‘creaks’!). So many things too numerous to mention. And when I talk to Him in prayer, and keep quiet long enough to hear a response, He answers me. This isn’t to say that life has no difficulties and disappointments for me, but I keep trying in such times (not always successfully!), to remind myself that God is Sovereign and is always there to talk to. And He is always willing to answer and provide the solutions I need.

So sad that most people in my community, my country, don’t believe in a personal God, a Being Who deeply desires a relationship with each of His created children. So sad that, looking at a Port Bàn sunset, they have no-One to thank. So sad that when they turn a tap, and water flows out, they take it for granted and instead demand it as their ‘right’. So sad, that they have no-One to turn to when disaster strikes. In the aftermath of the Manchester bombing, I know that God is reaching out with comfort and love to all the families and friends affected by this evil act. I pray today that they all open their hearts and let the “Light of the World” into their worlds.

One thought on “Thank You

  1. Alan Bennet,the author and playwright sadly admitted that he had so much to be thankful for,but had no one to thank.He had earlier in his life been a churchgoer.


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