Logout (with a difference)

Matt 7:3 (NLT) And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

I was at the Optician’s the other day. Usual routine, running through a health questionnaire, drops in my eyes for photographs of the retina, peripheral vision checks, peering through a series of lenses located in an uncomfortable frame and so on. I usually bring up the subject of “floaters”, in case some new treatment has been developed. “Floaters” – little specks of matter that cast shadows on the retina at the back of the eye. Nothing significant most of the time. “Just a function of aging,” says the optician. Very helpful!

Jesus had something to say about “floaters”, only these were specks (probably sawdust, as He was a carpenter) in the eye of someone we kno7-800.jpgw. He was talking about a fault we see in a person, but one they don’t seem to see in themselves. But Jesus said we can’t hope to see specks in our friend’s eye because we have a log in the way, blocking out our vision. The “floaters” in my eyes are so small they need a lot of magnification and clarity to see them. In fact, without the right equipment they can’t be seen at all. And so it is with our “logs” – we need the right spiritual equipment to see them so that, with God’s help, we can move them out of the way. When someone’s behaviour irritates us, and we are itching to administer some therapy, always refer to the Carpenter first – He is the Master at removing logs and bringing clarity to our vision! Once sorted, we will probably find that the speck in our friend’s eye just isn’t there anymore. Strange that!


One thought on “Logout (with a difference)

  1. Love this – I have spent many hours these past years at the eye doctor … and pushed away these thoughts when they first burgeoned… So I find this very proper and such revelations are always a timely reminder …


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