Back to Beginnings

I heard a song the other day on YouTube by some American young people, a band called United Pursuit.  The bridge to the song goes:

So take me back, back to the beginning, When I was young, Running through the fields with You.

Do we remember those early days, when, all of a sudden, Jesus jumped out of the Bible into our hearts? That day of new beginnings when the Jesus of the Gospels became a personal revelation of the Gospel of Jesus? Those days of excitement when we realised there’s a new world out there? Where God is sovereign? If these young people, essentially fairly new Christians, have the realisation that their beginnings are to be revered, how much more for us older Christians. I know we can’t turn back the clock, neither should we try, but we must always remember, even experience again, the passion which accompanied our birth into God’s Kingdom. Don’t know how? Just ask Jesus to take you back to your beginnings, and then bask in the experience. And then share it with others. Believe you me, it’s infectious!

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