Miraculous Signs

“We no longer see your miraculous signs. 
All the prophets are gone, 
and no one can tell us when it will end.”
Psalms‬ ‭74:9‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This Psalm sadly describes a catastrophic attack on the Temple in Jerusalem, and God’s people in the process. And Asaph, the writer, cries out to God: “How long?” and “Why do You hold back?” He prays for God to suddenly emerge and “Unleash [His] powerful fist and destroy them”, referring to the enemies who are wreaking such destruction.  But as we read this Psalm, do we feel a bit detached and view it as a historical account, or do we have a premonition of an equally disastrous event coming our way? We read about the invading hordes who take their battle-axes and destroy that very bastion of Jewish-ness, their temple. But do we observe today the lobby groups and secular politicians who cock a snoot at God and His people, and instead take their “progressive” battle-axes, hacking away at the very bastions of God’s ways and precepts, Scriptural principles held so dear by Godly people. History reveals that God’s people, the Jews, had a habit of turning away from God in the good times. And God, in His grace and mercy, allowed them to go their own way, for a while. Perhaps that is happening in these 21st Century days. In our Western societies, the rejection of God and His ways is becoming increasingly commonplace. Perhaps we are already a long way down the slippery slope. God, through His grace and mercy, has allowed this to happen, but for how long will God’s patience last? 

One thing Asaph highlighted in our Psalm today, was the lack of “miraculous signs” and prophetic words. I remember the excitement of the early days of the Charismatic renewal, with miraculous signs in abundance. Prophetic words were common place. God’s people expected Him to move in power. It was a time of great excitement. But where is it all today? 

But in my spirit I have felt for a while now that there is a new move of God coming. A time of renewal, a time when God’s presence will once again bring leadership and direction to our societies. A new awakening. A revival in His church. A God-visitation. I pray that it will take place in my lifetime. And that is what we must do – pray. Pray that God will visit us again in power and love. Pray that His people will rise up and fill our emptying churches once again. Pray that the miraculous and prophetic signs will once again encourage and motivate us. Pray that once again this country will listen to the voice of God and act accordingly. Did I hear someone say that this will never happen? The God I know can make anything happen, if we pray and petition Him, rattling the very doors of His throne room. He is a God who loves to answer our prayers and He will never turn us away, empty-handed.

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