The Risk of Life

Our mortality, and the risks we take in living, are linked together. A risk taker, for example one of these young men who go “tombstoning” off a rocky arch located offshore in the popular English beauty spot of Durdle Door, will, most likely, discover what “mortality” means after it is too late. But someone who minimises life’s risks, for example, by only crossing a main road at a pedestrian crossing, will have to wait a bit longer before they cross the great divide.

I have put together a short video entitled, “The Risk of Life”, and uploaded it to YouTube. here’s the link if you have time to watch it. Comments and responses welcome.

2 thoughts on “The Risk of Life

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed this word Adrian.You need to go viral with this.This is what I call good news at this time of often depressing headline.Jesus said,because I live,you also will live! Thanks Bro.



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