Horse Statues

The Bing search home page in the Safari browser today includes a picture of the Kelpies. And a small description that reads:-

The Kelpies statues in Falkirk, Scotland. The world’s largest equine sculptures, the Kelpies, were built in 2013 in Falkirk as a tribute to the country’s horse-powered heriThe_Kelpies,_at_The_Helix,_Scotland.JPGtage. Designed by sculptor Andy Scott, each one is 30 metres tall and weighs 300 tonnes. They’re named for the kelpie spirits of Scottish folklore – shapeshifting water creatures that favoured the shape of a horse, but are known to take human form. These spirits aren’t nice. Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote about their dark intentions in his verse “Address to the Deil”. (© Microsoft)

Verse 12 of Rabbie’s poem includes the line:-  Then water-kelpies haunt the foord, 

We must be wise and discerning about the subtle practices of the devil. He has managed to get people all over the world, and particularly in Scotland, to call out the name of one of his demons.

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