Romans 12:15 (AMP). Rejoice with those who rejoice [sharing others’ joy], and weep with those who weep [sharing others’ grief].

A dear couple I know are grieving because of the loss of their daughter.  But sitting here this morning, I have this feeling of compassionate helplessness, feeling a little of the pain they must be experiencing, remembering our own daughter’s illness.  In those dark days twenty nine years ago, when the prognosis had no hope, when daily crises sapped our strength, we grieved. Grieving because there was no hope in the prognosis. Mentally preparing ourselves as we were locked into the slow downward progression of our daughter’s disease. And at my desk at work I tried to put the gravity of the situation to one side but it was never far away. The pain was always close by. I used to try and find a quiet place, where I could cry out quietly in my spirit to God. For comfort. For strength. For healing for my daughter. I rattled the gates of heaven in my desperation. No, she wasn’t instantly healed – that came much later. But His grace and love flowed without limit. He came through for me. Oh, how He came through for me! No – He didn’t take away the pain, but He gave me the resources I needed for the moment. And a peace for my soul.
I will keep praying for my friends, that His grace and love will be there for them as well. No, the pain won’t leave them, but the Holy Spirit will be there, whispering in their ears, “I’m here for you and I love you.”

2 thoughts on “Grief

  1. I believe Jesus experienced the helplessness you felt,once in the garden and then on the cross.Why Have you forsaken me,he cried to His Heavenly Father.I am sure He received comfort from the Holy Spirit and He was able to say,it is finished.That comfort we receive from the Holy Spirit we are able to pass on to others who are experiencing that helplessness at this time,eg the Sheldricks.God will show you ways by which you can pass on that comfort to them as you wait in His presence.Bless.

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  2. The hardest thing as a Christian is to continue to trust God when there seems to be no hope and the world is telling to face up to reality, and the only comfort you’re getting from God is him asking you to trust him just a little longer.
    I remember going back to visit the Doctors and Consultants in the IC Ward a few months after Tricia had recovered despite their bleak predictions. They said they had learn a valuable lesson from Tricia’s parents because they had kept their faith long after the clinical staff had given up all hope.


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