The Hand of God

b16571.jpgOur world is scattered with lists of names. On Cenotaphs, war memorials, gravestones, church plaques, memorials, and so on. But such references apply to the dead, to men and women (and sadly some children) who have crossed over the divide between this world and the next. Some in a worthy way, having given their lives for their countries or other good causes. Some through acute sickness or old age. Some heading for Heaven; others … And occasionally the name of a worthy person, such as a sportsperson, celebrity or such will appear in public print. They had a moment of earthly glory, winning a race or competition, acting in a film or play, with their name appearing on a cup, plaque, notice board or plaudits in a film or newspaper. But such a moment fades into the past, and future generations wonder who it was that the name represented, if they can be bothered at all.

But I have been intrigued during my Christian life, of the Scripture in Isaiah 49:16, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…”. I know that in context this is referring to Jerusalem, but as a member of God’s Church, it applies today. To me, as a child of God. Me! So my name is indelibly tattooed on the palms of God’s hands, along with countless numbers of my brothers and sisters in Christ. But why His palms? Why not somewhere else, perhaps His forehead, or sleeve? To me my palm is something used for touching, encouraging, communicating love and caring, perhaps direction. So there’s something significant about where our names are written. Over the years I have been greatly blessed and encouraged by the application of God’s hands. By His touch.

The second thought that struck me is that all earthly recording of names refers, sooner or later, to the dead. But I believe my name, engraved on God’s hand, is there forever. God is the God of the living not the dead! So when I cross over the great divide, my name will still be written on His hand, not as a memorial to a past life, but as a member and active participant in His kingdom. Is that stretching faith too far? I don’t think so. After all, as a child of God, He’s not going to abandon me. It’s against His nature. But face to face with Him in heaven? I don’t think reading my name on His palm will be necessary!

2 thoughts on “The Hand of God

  1. Excellent word,Adrian.Your name is already in the Book of Life brother!

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