A December Message

A cold and frosty December morning; a semicircular moon gleaming through the stark denuded tree branches, like a scene that reminds of the Hansel and Gretel story. A still morning, no wind, just a peaceful icy world. The stillness only disturbed by the occasional tweet of a foraging bird and the distant muffled background noise of commuting traffic passing on the local A road. As an aside, with all the technological advances of the current age, no-one has yet invented tyres that make contact with tarmac quietly. Strange.

So what is God saying to me this morning? It’s a question I ask regularly and sometimes the answers surprise me. On the one hand this morning I have the peaceful natural environment around me, so full of God’s creative genius, so stress-free. An environment that seems in tune with my spirit. On the other hand society is full of reports about the political fallout from the recent election, with all its recriminations and triumphalism, the “blame game”, the strident calls for the break up of the UK. All news dominated by evil attempts of one individual or group trying to get one over another. And that bastion of British institutionalism, the BBC, under attack as never before, as it fails to adapt to a new generation’s desire for “on-demand” TV services and maintain true impartiality in a political world dominated by accusations of bias. Who would have ever thought it!

So back to my question; what is God saying to me this morning? Well, the spiritual and political thoughts merge this morning. The country has to be governed and I pray for the political leaders daily, but no amount of referendums or elections can ever replace the need for people to come to know our loving Heavenly Father. Independence in Scotland might be utopian for some, but it’s not independence that Scotland needs, it’s revival. No political outcome can replace the fact that 95% of the Scottish population are heading for a lost eternity. Call it “hell” if you like. So God is saying to me this morning – spread the message, His message of hope.

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