Port Ban at Easter

Port Ban at Easter. It’s cold but not frosty. Very little sign of new greenery emerging yet, except for some clumps of daffodils, bravely thrusting their striking yellow against the dull greens and browns of last year’s vegetation. Last night, the sea across to Jura was a strange colour tinted by a green-brown reflection from clouds, themselves illuminated underneath by a sun partially obscured by mists as it dipped away behind Jura’s striking geology. Some hardy campers grace the site with their colourful tents, but the noise and excitement of the season’s heights strangely absent. There seems to be an air of expectancy, a temporal pause, a lack of something in the atmosphere. The creation of a new Spring seems to be waiting. Waiting for some warmer air perhaps? But it will happen. And when it does there will come an explosion of growth. In a few short weeks the trees will be in leaf, grass will need cutting, ferns waist high. Wild flowers will abound.

But on that first Easter Saturday, the world was on hold. Jesus was dead and buried. The Sabbath rituals going ahead. The Jewish leaders satisfied that their problem had been dealt with. But Heaven was looking on, in expectancy. In a few hours the greatest event this world has ever seen, was about to take place. In a spiritual explosion of eternal significance, Jesus came back to life, conquering the grave. Like the Spring soon to come, it was unstoppable. No power on earth could confound God’s master plan.

In this age of global political instability, most put their hope in things settling down to a point where their comfort is undisturbed again. But there will be a next time. And the cycle of mayhem will restart. But the cross, the empty tomb, the risen Jesus – these were once only events that established stability in the universe; the stability of God’s Kingdom. No political mayhem here!

So this Easter Saturday, I’m grateful, grateful for a God Who, by His grace, has given me the opportunity to be part of His plan, and that one day I’ll experience my own Easter Sunday. Hopefully not just a few hours away! But it will come one day, when the final bit of God’s plan for me clicks into place, and the jigsaw of my life is completed. May all of us who have a relationship with Jesus, experience the reality of Easter afresh this year. And as the old chorus says, “And the things of life will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

How are you getting on with your jigsaws?

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